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By Casey Primozic

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Building RNN Architecture Visualizations With TikZ

I recently finished a big blog post about growing sparse computational graphs with RNNs. An important part of that work involved creating a custom RNN architecture to facilitate the growth of extremely sparse networks. To help explain that custom RNN architecture in the blog post, I created some visualizations that looked like this: These images are SVGs, so they scale infinitely without getting pixelated or blurry. I looked into a few different options for generating these including tools like draw.
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Stale Queries When Hitting BigQuery Streaming Buffer When Using BI Engine

UPDATE 2023-08-15: Some engineers at Google reached out to me via e-mail after I submitted some feedback about this issue on the GCP console and linked to this blog post. After a few back and forth messages, they were able to diagnose the problem and put out a mitigation that completely fixed it for us! The issue seems to have stemmed from cursors tracking the position in the streaming buffer getting out of sync between the BI engine and base BigQuery.
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Machine Learning Benchmarks on the 7900 XTX

I recently upgraded to a 7900 XTX GPU. Besides being great for gaming, I wanted to try it out for some machine learning. It’s well known that NVIDIA is the clear leader in AI hardware currently. Most ML frameworks have NVIDIA support via CUDA as their primary (or only) option for acceleration. OpenCL has not been up to the same level in either support or performance. That being said, the 7900 XTX is a very powerful card.
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Fixing GCS REST API Error “Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request”

We ran into this error at my job at Osmos. We upload files to GCS using their JSON-based REST API. Everything was working just fine until we tried uploading a large-ish file of ~2.5GB. We upload to this API route: The Problem When we tried to upload the data, we got a HTML page as a response with a 400 error code and this unhelpful error message: 400. That's an error.
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Fix for League of Legends Lutris Mesa DRI Driver “Not From This Mesa Build” Error

The Problem I recently updated the packages on my Debian Linux install with sudo apt upgrade. After that, I rebooted and tried to launch League of Legends through Lutris as I have hundreds of times. The client failed to launch with this error printed in the logs: DRI driver not from this Mesa build ('23.1.0-devel' vs '23.1.2-1') The Cause I recently installed AMD ROCm using amdgpu-install so I could do some machine learning with my AMD 7900 XTX GPU.
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