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By Casey Primozic

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Fixing regl Error Invalid Dynamic Attribute

Recently when working with the regl WebGL wrapper library, I encountered a weird error that I didn’t understand the cause of: (regl) invalid dynamic attribute "position" in command I checked my code, and I was indeed passing a position attribute and the data array I was using to construct the buffer looked correct. The error also happened intermittently, happening after my application hot-reloaded. The Cause It turns out that I had accidentally created two regl instances and was trying to use buffers allocated on one with commands created on a different one.
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Fixing Sveltekit Failed to Load URL SERVER/internal.js

I was working on a new SvelteKit project with Svelte 5 recently, and I kept getting an error that prevented anything from loading in the browser: [vite] Pre-transform error: Failed to load url __SERVER__/internal.js (resolved id: /Users/casey/osu-embeddings/frontend/.svelte-kit/generated/server/internal.js) in /Users/casey/osu-embeddings/frontend/node_modules/@sveltejs/kit/src/runtime/server/index.js. Does the file exist? [vite] Error when evaluating SSR module /node_modules/@sveltejs/kit/src/runtime/server/index.js: failed to import "__SERVER__/internal.js" |- Error: Cannot find module '__SERVER__/internal.js' imported from '/Users/casey/osu-embeddings/frontend/node_modules/@sveltejs/kit/src/runtime/server/index.js' at nodeImport (file:///Users/casey/osu-embeddings/frontend/node_modules/vite/dist/node/chunks/dep-DkOS1hkm.js:55067:25) at ssrImport (file:///Users/casey/osu-embeddings/frontend/node_modules/vite/dist/node/chunks/dep-DkOS1hkm.js:54976:30) at eval (/Users/casey/osu-embeddings/frontend/node_modules/@sveltejs/kit/src/runtime/server/index.
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Fixing Svelte VS Code e.children.findLastIndex Is Not a Function

The Problem I recently created a new SvelteKit project using the Svelte 5 preview and kept getting an error at the beginning of every Svelte component: The error was e.children.findLastIndex is not a function (svelte). It was showing up even on the basic SvelteKit skeleton starter project as soon as I added a <style></style> block. The Fix I looked around online, and I didn’t see anyone having this problem. This led me to believe that it was likely an issue with my local environment or configuration.
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Investigating Bogus Plausible Analytics Traffic

I run self-hosted Plausible analytics to keep track of how many people are visiting my various websites and web apps. I’m largely very happy with it - it gives me all of the info I need with only a miniscule JS payload, no cookies or other invasive tracking, and full control over the data. However, recently I’ve been running into an issue with fake/bogus traffic getting submitted for my personal homepage.
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Trying Out sea-orm

For a new project at my dayjob, I’ve had the opportunity to try out sea-orm for the database layer. In the past, I’ve tried out other Rust SQL solutions including diesel and sqlx, so I have some context to compare this one to. At a high level, sea-orm provides a fully-featured solution for managing your database setup in Rust. It provides a framework and CLI for setting up and maintaining migrations, code-gen’ing entities and relations, and writing + running queries.
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