react-control-panel is a direct port of the control-panel library. The goal was to maintain 100% the exact appearance and functionality of the original while making it usable via a React-based interface. I also added some additional tools like making it draggable, allowing its state to be externally managed through something like Redux, and adding a Proxy-based interface thorugh which the UI state can be manipulated externally.

The bundle size for the demo application mirroring that of the original is actually smaller, probably due to using WebPack for bundling rather than browserify. Since this website is built using React/Gatsby.JS, I've included a demo panel below using the actual library.

It was created with the following:

const settings = [
  { type: 'range', label: 'my range', min: 0, max: 100, initial: 20 },
    type: 'range',
    label: 'log range',
    min: 0.1,
    max: 100,
    initial: 20,
    scale: 'log',
  { type: 'text', label: 'my text', initial: 'my cool setting' },
  { type: 'checkbox', label: 'my checkbox', initial: true },
  { type: 'color', label: 'my color', format: 'rgb', initial: 'rgb(10,200,0)' },
    type: 'button',
    label: 'gimme an alert',
    action: () => alert('hello!'),
    type: 'select',
    label: 'select one',
    options: ['option 1', 'option 2'],
    initial: 'option 1',
    type: 'multibox',
    label: 'check many',
    count: 3,
    initial: [true, false, true],

<ControlPanel width={272} title="Example Panel" settings={settings} />

But it can alternatively be used with components as children like this:

import ControlPanel, {
} from 'react-control-panel';

const initialState = {
  interval: [25, 50],
  text: 'my setting',
  checkbox: true,
  selection: 'option 1',
  'multiple checkboxes': [true, true],

const DemoPanel = () => (
    title="Demo Panel"
    style={{ marginRight: 30 }}
    <Interval label="interval" min={0} max={100} />
    <Text label="text" />
    <Checkbox label="checkbox" />
    <Button label="gimme an alert" action={() => alert('clicked')} />
    <Select label="selection" options={{ 'option 1': 1, 'option 2': 2 }} />
      label="multiple checkboxes"
      colors={['rgb(100,120,230)', 'rgb(210,100,190)']}
      names={['box1', 'box2']}